Web Development and Design

Desperate to have your own website but find it impossible to start? Tired of all guides for web design and development?

You can now have your own name and presence online even with a tight budget.

Most of the time we can see countless products and businesses emerging fast month by month. We can even identify how lousy they are or that their products are not as what they claim it to be.

But yet many people recognize them and use their services. Why?


As you probably know by now, marketing has taken a different route. From radio advertisement to popular celebrities – the web has been a trendy area for marketing. The web is a fast-paced evolving platform not just for educational information or entertainment gossip but also in the business industry.

Imaging yourself as a prospect client. You wanted to know more about a certain business, service or even an individual. Nowadays, it’s rather uncommon to call your friends and ask; instead you turn to your computer and start to google your search queries.

I started my own website and struggle to learn new things every now and then. Nevertheless, I continue my endeavors. Most of the time it’s frustrating but when you can finally see results, you know you are well-rewarded.

Lately I started asking myself if people are finding it hard to make their companies to be known.
I searched the internet for possible reasons:

1. they can’t comply with the monetary expenses
2. doesn’t have the manpower to do the set up, development and maintenance of the site.

Do you want to be known online?

And proudly distribute your business cards or simple e-mail messages with a .com to associate in the signature?

Now, getting connection and possible clients is as simple as 1-2-3. Let them know what you offer and what you can serve them.

Even how excellent your products are but you can’t be seen in the web, it would be an instant goodbye to your prospected clients.

I am providing services not to animate your business online with poor graphics or overly done designs. I aim to create an elegant yet effective websites. Besides, who wants to browse a company website with 2-4 minutes download time?

But web design and development is not just all excitement.
Not every website can be established overnight!

Structural web development comprises of lots of hard work and planning. Planning is the best way to get the things you wanted. I assure two-way communication with your business to create a suitable approach. A preliminary web design form distributed so you can get the gist of what we will undergo for the next couple of weeks. This way, we can visually see the content you want and how you want information to be presented in your website.


What if my business is based locally, should I get a site?
When we talk about business, never limit yourself or your services to the people you see face-to-face. Learn how to interact virtually to get more connections and business growth.

I am located in Davao City, Philippines and dedicated to serve my services for local business or individual.

Start your website now!

In case you are hesitant to do business with me, I assure you that I am not a scam. Here are some sites that I developed or part of the development team.